Nankang Tyres: The High-Performance, Intelligent Tyre

Nankang Tyres

In 1940, one of Taiwan’s first tyre producers, Nankang Tyres, was founded.

When it comes to tyres, this company has a lot to offer. Nankang is a tyre manufacturer that offers a wide variety of options, including run flats, high performance tyres, and cheap tyres online for high-end automobiles. 

More than a hundred countries get shipments of Nankang tyres every year. The company’s goods have earned a number of awards, and the company itself is committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Where do these tyres come from?

Since Nankang had previously worked with and had a connection with Yokohama, things came to a head between the two cities in the late 1970s.

Before they broke out from the state-run commercial framework in the late 1970s, they were just another department and had never been privatised and created.

They saw considerable room for improvement after being released from their ties to Yokohama and privatised in 1996.

Consequently, they became two separate entities. The exchange was really rather cordial. They even started making tyres specifically for aeroplanes.

They even advertised a partnership programme for businesses interested in promoting their name.

Engineering and Technology 

Maintaining a high standard of quality control and keeping up with technical developments over the last 60 years has paid off in the form of several worldwide Quality Assurance awards and, more importantly, the creation of many innovative and long-lasting products.

Choosing the most appropriate tyre for each application is essential to its design ethos. With over 60 years of experience in design, development, and manufacture, Nankang tyre guarantees reliable results.

When it comes to environmental protection, Nankang is all in. The company uses oil-free chemicals in its manufacturing processes, incorporates additives to increase tyre longevity, and more.

Their idea provides the driver and all automobile owners with genuine pleasure and joy, regardless of the vehicle or the mode of transportation. With such a wide range of sizes available, finding the right Nankang tyre has never been simpler. 

The Benefits of Using Nankang Tyres

The great level of safety they provide is the primary benefit of using these tyres. They’re one of the most trustworthy brands out there, and they function really well.

Their tread pattern is designed to thrive in both wet and dry conditions, and it does so admirably. 

The competitive price of Nankang tyres is just another reason why they are so popular. If money is tight, you won’t have to worry about spending too much on them. 

The problems they run with include

Compared to other brands, their durability falls short. If you often travel in severe weather, you may want to consider replacing them sooner rather than later.

They are not as good as those by other manufacturers when it comes to handling corners. This might be a little hassle when driving in congested urban areas.

The Company Offers a Warranty

Even if the puncture is close or on the sidewalls, their tyre dealers will always attempt to repair the tyre before replacing it. The rule, set down by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association, basically specifies that repairs may only be conducted on the middle 34 of the tyre and if the damaged section is less than 14″ (6mm) in diameter.

This is when the Nankang Lifetime Warranty Against Road Hazards comes into play: 

Your tyre will be replaced under warranty if repairs are not possible. If this is the case, not only do Nankang tyres provide superior grip and durability at a reasonable price, but they also demonstrate a remarkable commitment to delivering superb service.

Suggestions for preventing flat tyres

  • Keep an eye out for cuts, bulges, and slow punctures by inspecting your tyres once a month. Tyres should be checked regularly, not only when they develop a leak. 
  • Tyre pressure is very important to check throughout the winter. Tyres lose structural integrity and become more vulnerable to punctures and blowouts when driven on when they are under or over inflated. Check the tyre pressure before setting off on a lengthy trip.
  • Even though you feel safe, you may end up spending more money because to the increased rolling resistance and fuel consumption.
  • If you overload your car or van, something that wouldn’t normally get caught in the tyres may. Hitting a pothole might cause a blowout as well.
  • Watch out for building sites, since they can include nails and other dangerous objects. If you really must go, park in a well-lit area and walk as much as possible.


Tyres are made utilising environmentally friendly methods and materials because to Nankang’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.  They strike a great mix between quality, performance, and affordability, making them a tempting alternative for drivers searching for long-lasting tyres.

Drivers searching for a long-lasting, budget-friendly solution are increasingly turning to Nankang tyres. They provide a comfortable ride, can withstand the elements, and are a popular choice for off-roading. They have an excellent ride quality, providing the driver with a pleasant journey.

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